Andy and Beth


As the 80’s started, Andy Snider and Beth Riley were high school sweethearts. Graduating in the spring of 1981 from Hart High School they were already engaged and were married November 7th 1981. January 1st 1982 they became partners in the farm with Andy’s parents…..for other farm events leading up to and after see the history section.

Moving through that first year it became clear that the farm would need to expand to support two families. Andy and Beth traveled to New York and Florida looking at farms and Larry and Becky considered moving to Florida to start another farm leaving the newlyweds in Michigan to run the farm on their own. By the end of the year they had decided to begin milking 3 times a day for extra production and were making plans to expand the dairy instead of moving. The following year a beautiful new tiestall barn was constructed to expand and house the Snider’s herd of registered Holsteins. The farm economy through the 80’s struggled and this expansion was completed  with mostly borrowed money at high interest rates compared to today. “We milked the 60 cows 3 times a day and even 4 times a day for a while to make ends meet” Andy says “and all I really remember about those first 10 years is work.”  Andy took a little time to begin being active on several local boards and Beth was very busy with their new young family of three children. The young Snider family took time to be active in their local church  where Beth often played the piano and organ sometimes minutes after milking cows and Andy served on the deacon board.

The fall of 1990 Andy and Beth were chosen by the County Farm Bureau to represent them at the young farmer contest and then at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting they were chosen as the Young Farmers of the Year. Heading down to the National Farm Bureau Federation contest they were chosen runners-up there. These were fun and exciting times and the recognition helped to push them forward in the business of farming.

The 90s and first decade of the new century saw much change for the Snider farming operation. See history. These years also included ever-increasing roles on the boards of farming and community organizations for Andy and Beth. Their family was growing and active in sports and other school activities… busy, exciting, and fun times. In 2009 Andy entered and was chosen as a top three finalist in the national Top Producer contest and was also chosen as a Michigan Master Farmer. Through these years the farm continued to grow and expand on a yearly basis.

The Sniders will never forget 2012 !! Yes this was the year of our big expansion with our turkeys but the Snider family had other things  brewing. With wedding plans in the air, all three of the Sniders children ( six years apart in age) were married within less than 7 months!!!  Our family practically doubled overnight and our kids have 3 awesome spouses.  The older siblings and spouses are not directly involved in the farm but  Zack and Priscilla, farming full time, became partners in the farm business in January 2014.

Personal note from Andy and Beth: ” We hope you have enjoyed reading our website and learning about our farm. It is our goal to have regular updates here and be intentional about modern day Family Farming practices and information.  One of the most important things to us is to be good stewards and caretakers of the land. We appreciate our community and our neighbors who live and work around our farm. Every year we have a community pig roast around Labor Day inviting our neighbors and anyone connected to our farm in some way. If you have enjoyed our website and feel connected to us please ask us for more information. Looking forward to seeing you all again this year.”