The Team

Andy Snider – Senior Partner/owner. As the guy who has the most seniority on the farm, his roles have shifted to more time in the office and less dirty clothes and exercise. He is kind of like the CEO/CFO combined-if we had official titles. He still plants about ½ of the corn acres, but that’s literally the only tractor job he has left. Andy is in charge of financial planning and serves on several farm related boards.








Beth Snider – Office Operations. If it’s an invoice to be paid or a recording a receivable, Beth’s got it covered.  Payroll, HR, checkbook, filing and the town errands for the office are just a few of her daily chores.  Handling the mail/email takes up a good portion of her time.  The drive-up window by her office is often used.  Do you want fries with that?




Zack Snider – Daily Operations. If you need to know whose doing what, what needs to be done next, or what’s not getting done…see Zack!  As the new junior partner Zack is in charge of keeping all the balls bouncing with the help of the entire team.  Zack’s experience in all areas of the farm growing up is put to good use every day.







priscillaPriscilla Snider – Office.  Priscilla is Beth’s right-hand women in the office. With Beth’s help she has learned to do just about everything office related, from running errands to doing payroll. Now when Beth is away (hopefully more in the future) Priscilla is able to handle it all! Turns out her typing and spreadsheet skills are invaluable.




Dave DeZwaan – Cropping Manager.  Dave has been with us since the beginning of time.  Well maybe not that long, but he’s been here the longest.  Even when we were a dairy.  Dave’s role has changed over the years and though he helps out in everything, he is our head crop guy. There is a lot that goes in to keeping our farm GAP (good agricultural practices), and MEAP certified.  During the growing season Dave is usually operating the sprayer and in the fall he lives out of the combine for at least a month!






tonyTony Fedewa – Cropping Manager. Tony joined our team in early 2017









Marcelo Diaz – Turkey Manager.  With more than 10 years of caring for the birds, Marcelo is our go to guy for all things with wings on the farm.  Every two weeks Marcelo receives around ten thousand baby turkeys.  His job is overseeing the birds from the day they arrive on the farm to their departure 18 weeks later.  At each stage in the growth process, the turkeys require special care and have different needs depending on the time of year.






Mike Nienhuis – Irrigation Manager. Mike first started working for us in high school.  He is knowledgeable in almost everything we do on the farm. He oversees all our pivot irrigation as well as managing waste water for a local fruit processor – a full time job especially in the winter time.  On Wednesdays, when we let John out of the barn, Mike can be found taking care of the hogs.







John Guikema – Hogs Manager. We picked the tallest guy on the farm to work in the barns with the lowest ceilings.  But we’ve never heard John complain.  With an emphasis on getting more piglets per litter, John continues to increase the average.    When he’s not tending to the hogs, we keep John busy as the fix it man.  He’s great with a welder and excels at fabrication.







René Viera- Turkeys.  With prior experience in livestock operation, Rene took on his role at our home farm with ease.  Rene is Justin’s counterpart but works at the home farm overseeing the flock on Filmore.








IMG_4905Justin Warchuck – Turkeys.  A recent graduate of Animal Science  from Michigan State, Justin brings a lot to the table when it comes to health and nutrition.  We are excited to see what new ideas he has for the birds as we always seek to improve our flock health.








Josh Fleming – Technology. With a family history of farming and experience in commercial agronomy, Josh joined us in early 2015 to help with the technical side of our cropping operations.











 Brent McGhan – 

Aaron McGhan – 

 Not Pictured: Aaron McGhan