The Way It’s Suppose to Go…

A week ago today, October 9th we started harvest!! We ran corn and then soybeans for 2 days, had a rain day Friday and then were able to get the combine back out on Saturday until late afternoon.  We knew harvest would be delayed this year because May was so cold and wet.  The month of May and 2019 planting did not go how it was suppose to go.  We did finally get around 90 some% of our acres in by the second week in JUNE!! Growing started slow then after it being too wet and cold it soon became too hot and dry.  Not really how it is suppose to go. Thankfully we have not had a killing frost yet so the extra growing time for the late planting has been good but the monsoons of May have returned for an uncalled for encore in October.


And So it Begins….


The Three Musketeers !!


You’ll Be Big Enough Soon, Buddy!!

The beautiful and mellow days of fall are scarce this year and if you want my opinion, that’s just not how it’s suppose to go.  If I’m honest, I’d like brilliant blue skies and glorious colors in the maple groves on every hill as the warm sun glows on the golden fields and the pumpkins and mums shout their last hurrah and I munch a doughnut, chased by a hearty seasonal brew coffee on my way to relay my handsome farmer to a full semi to haul in yet another load.IMG_0166

Violet, my ‘Lil Punkin!!


💖😊My Guy!!😊💖

  Everyone on the Team here is a little punchy as mid October is suppose to be full bore, all hands on deck to bring full circle the fruition of our compiled efforts for a successful 2019 crop season.  Today as the gale warnings make the rain fall sideways (at least it’s a different view), my thoughts are whooshing back and forth like the sopping corn stalks.  I’m trying to  keep my thoughts steady and upright while I really wonder how harvest will come around to a positive conclusion like we all suppose it should.  And as usual my thoughts of the farm life and happenings point me to just plain life and  everyday living.  Few events in 2019 have actually gone as I expected or supposed they should go.  This coming Sunday, my Mom would have turned 90 and although realistically I knew she could not grace our lives forever, she surprised us all when she proceeded my Dad and started her life in heaven on July 1st.  That along with several other personal life circumstances really went off script in Act V Scene 6.  But really, do any of us get what we really thought life would be like when we were say, 18? or 30? or 55?  In December, when I know the end (hopefully the end will have come!!!) of Harvest 2019 for Snider Farms, I will have to report how it really went and not how I supposed it should go.  It may be worse or it may be much better than expected.  The for sure and certain events in life are few and far between.  That is actually one of the best things about this farming life; It is ALWAYS an adventure!! And thankfully the outcome of harvest or life does not depend on me, although I can aim for this:

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the Lord requires of you?  To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

That is the way it’s supposed to go…

6 Responses to “The Way It’s Suppose to Go…

  • Shelly Cherry
    2 years ago

    Just a poetic as ever Beth. Blessings on you and family. Love reading your updates both good and bad.

  • Love you my sweet sista! We’ll be there for each other til one of us is home with Mamma.

  • Ruth Babbitt
    2 years ago

    What an adventure and so well reported, Beth! I will pray with you for the good days you need to complete harvest successfully! What nice pictures. I miss you lots, Beth.

  • Love this morning read. I learned a little something more about you today. You Can Write! Love you sister. 🙂

  • Nancy Klepper
    2 years ago

    Wonderful insight into the farm world! Love reading your posts Thanks for the share

  • Al Moul
    2 years ago

    Beth- Just came across this in my “ saved posts”. Well said. We never know do we, but we can just TRUST GOD for that eventual harvest. Praying for you and your family in this season……..and there it is, the word season. A certain amount of time that does have an end. We pray God will comfort you and uphold you. —- your friend Al Moul

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