“Well Begun……”

September is winding down but Harvest is revving up here down on the farm. We had very little rain over the main growing months but then quite a few storms with significant rain the last days of August and into early September. But the corn and soybeans had enough heat for the guys to try combining soybeans September 17- the earliest we had ever started. A few fields were dried down enough but then we went on to corn. As of yesterday, Zack reports we are 25% done with soybeans and 15% finished with corn. Many hours lie ahead and at times this is a daunting thought, especially when it appears the rain we never got in June & July will be tapping on our roofs and shoulders often.  So we keep hitting the fields as the weather allows and we again put our faith in the One who sends the sun as well as the rain and the bountiful harvests as well as the average and below average yields knowing He will be faithful this year just as He was last.

Some early Harvest pictures:

29022                                          IMG_2659    IMG_2658 click for video


IMG_20171017_082934057_HDR                               IMG_20171014_101842819


There are projects and ideas and thoughts I have often contemplated doing or developing but then put them aside, not started or left in a ‘someday’ note in my mind or on a tablet of paper even.  Whether I felt them unimportant or not attainable or I became busy with the necessities of life, I think all of those reasons have been used.  I find the hardest step is starting.  Just getting out the door, or the vacuum out, or the call dialed can be the yes or no moment.  I have often heard this quote,  “Well begun is half done” and although I definitely did not know Aristotle, he must have actually accomplished many things as we have accounts of his successes to back up his famous quote.

So the quote holds true for Team Snider as they persevere over the next month with hundreds of more acres and hours ahead= we are Half Done as we are Well Begun!!  I’m finding inspiration in this quote and plan on my own ‘Well Begun’ campaign in my self department.

Happy Fall, Y’all!!

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  • Connie Lucas
    3 years ago

    Well said♥️ Prayers for a safe harvest from our farm to yours!

  • how is the Salford 4100 with the evolutionary 2+2 harrow working out for you?
    Hope you are having a good spring.
    best regards

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