Rip VanSnider….Zzzzzzzz

…..and when I woke up it was Mid-Summer 2015!!!

Between the busyness of farming, family and just plain being a procrastinator ( I was the President of Procrastinators Unite, but put off renewing my membership and was deleted from the roles!), our website is very dusty and in need of an update. So here goes…..

We moved into our new office center and shop late November 2014.  We have all enjoyed the extra room and having the Team under one roof.  We are all still on the learning curve of using and mastering (??) the technology of 21st Century farming, but our facility is a huge blessing.  Also the shop portion has been in use from unthawing equipment in the harsh winter climes to wrenching key equipment back to clockwork form in record times.

Beautiful results of an early summer shower

Beautiful results of an early summer shower

Field Sprayer Completely Unfolded in Shop

Field Sprayer Completely Unfolded in Shop

Spring planting went quickly and so far the crops look fine.  We are in need of some rain again but have been fortunate to have missed many of the devastating rains and winds that have hit the Mitten in all directions around us this Spring and now Summer.  We have been combining small grains, wheat, rye and oats for ourselves and other area farmers.  Click on the video link to see Dave combining oats for the Walsworths.


Also in the blessing department, we were able to avoid (to date) any affects of the Avian Influenza that has hit poultry farms from small to large in the states west of us.  USDA & CDC reports are indicating the threat is down in the hotter months but may reoccur when migrating fowl again head south this fall.  So we continue with our regular baby turkey deliveries  here at Snider Farms and heightened bio-security procedures.


Did she say “Tom”? That’s me!!!


Turkey in the Straw….Ok…it’s pine shavings….

Here is a link to a little more information on the topic.

H5 Viruses in the United States

So as summer steams ahead, I’ll try not to zzzzone out quite so long and be more timely with updates and regular web posts on what’s new Down on the Farm.

2 more photos for your contemplation:

Not so far around the corner....

Sub-Zero Morning January 7, 2015…not so far around the corner

Just about anyone can get put to work around head's up!!

And just about anyone can get put to work around here…so head’s up!!





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