A Few Days Until Spring

It was definitely an interesting winter.  It started out like a lamb and is heading out like a lion.  Only several days until spring and we still have winter weather advisories and flurries in the air, but we are getting ready.

Our turkeys are getting ready for fresh air.  While we do give them freshly ventilated air all winter long, we will be glad and they will be glad when it is finally time to put the curtain down and enjoy summer.  Our new barns fared well.  Once and when spring gets here, we still have some finishing touches to add and a little grass seed to plant.


Our hogs are always ready. Every week we send out a new batch. John has been doing his usual exceptional job and our production is up from previous years.


We are learning a lot when it comes to cropping.  Years ago farmers had their area they farmed, which was usually close to home.  Now we farm all over the county.  We sell turkey litter to area farmers, and use computers tell the planter how to plant and satellites to guide it.  But as technology is ever changing, we are hurrying to keep up with it and getting ready to put the disc on the ground.

Perhaps you will see us out in the field when the weather breaks!


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