It’s Cooling Down…but Not Slowing Down

People often ask what’s going on at the farm.  A general answer: LOTS!  However, late summer/early fall is one of our favorite times to catch up on everything that we’ve been thinking about catching up on.  While the corn and beans are drying down, you may find us along the roads edges cutting the grass or trimming back brush.  For some reason lately there has been a lot of rocks to pick up and grass to seed.  We are getting ready for Harvest; one of our busiest times of the year next to planting.  We will soon be fall soil sampling and fertilizing.  We even recently upgraded one of our turkey barns.  It now has two outdoor pens for our organic turkeys.  And of course there is the usual work that always keeps up buys like turkey and hog chores. There is, never a dull moment on the farm. Fall is in the air


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