Wood You? Could You? In A Barn?

As the exterior of the new shop and office center nears completion, the crew has been working hard on the interior of both.   We had saved a great deal of the old bank barn plank siding in hopes that we could use some of the better pieces.  To our delight, after high pressure washing all the wood, we saw we could upcycle every bit of the wood. What is upcycle, you ask?  I hear it often now days and I even found it in the dictionary!

(verb (used with object)upcycled, upcycling.  1.to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce

something that is often better than the original

Originally, when the old barn was new, I know it was functional and beautiful.  It was in use here daily until about 1999 when the last of our dairy young stock and some neighbor’s beef we housed were finally gone.  A few 4-H fair project pigs would be in residence for 4-5 months every year and we stacked straw upstairs but it soon turned into a hang out for stray cats, pigeons and all form of varmints.

It was in the back of our minds to someday take down the old barn and construct much needed office space and a shop for our large equipment service needs.  Here are a few pictures of the continued progress and upcycling!!!

We Wood!  We Could!  Wooden You????


The Old Barn May 2013

Old Barn-May 2013

The almost complete exterior on September 30, 2014

The almost complete exterior on September 30, 2014

West Wall of the Interior above the front door

Interior-West wall above front door


Upcycled wood on stair wall


Kinzie, the baby boxer, in her upcycled Snider Farms T-shirt/doggie wear. It takes a Team to run a farm!!



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